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Veterinary Services

Many of us think that compounding is only limited to special preparation of medications for humans. But furry and feathered patients can also benefit from Compounding.

At Rock Ridge Pharmacy, we provide veterinary compounding solutions that can be used by pet owners and veterinary practitioners alike. With compounding, pets can enjoy maximized therapeutic and pharmaceutical success because medications can now be formulated for their specific needs and in-take preferences.

We can prepare alternative flavors, dosage forms and dosage strength for veterinary care:

  • Creams, ointments and lotions
  • Ophthalmic preparations
  • Commercially unavailable medications
  • Sugar-free formulations
  • Topical powders
  • Transdermal
  • Medicated animal biscuits
  • Gels-topical/oral
  • Suppositories

Services WE OFFER


Free Delivery

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Vaccines and Immunizations

Rock Ridge Pharmacy offers vaccinations and immunizations for children, adults and seniors. [ read more ]

Prescription Medication

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Special Packaging

In our effort to help you comply with your medication therapy plan, Rock Ridge Pharmacy offers an assortment of Special Packaging options. [ read more ]


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Phone: 201-444-4190 Fax: 201-444-2698 rockridgerx@gmail.com

Store Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9AM - 7PM
Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday: 9AM - 4PM
Sunday: 10AM - 1PM
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